If you want to properly insulate your new build or existing home, and want to save money in heating and cooling costs in the long run, then you have come to the right place, Spray Foam Masters. We are the best company for spray foam insulation in Barrie region, providing insulation services in Orillia, Midland, and Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Bradford and other surrounding areas.

Spray foam is the best way to keep your home temperature steady and get your house insulated with Barrie Insulation that will save you money in the long term, as well as provide additional benefits such as an air and vapor barrier, and structural integrity. Maximize your investment by insulating your home and commercial building with spray foam installation.

Spray foam insulation

We have the best spray foam installers team, specially trained for installing insulation on houses and businesses. Our team is so professional, they can handle any work so quickly that it will look like a piece of cake for you.

Spray foam insulation Barrie

Professional Spray Foam Installation

If you are looking for spray contractors near me now don’t worry as we will walk you through the entire installation process, ensuring your needs are met and minimizing cost. We guarantee you will agree with us when we say we are the best spray foam insulation in the Barrie. Our team has years of experience installing spray foam. Located in Barrie, we will come to you to provide hassle free quotes and expertly install Spray Foam Barrie on wood and steel buildings, making sure you are satisfied every step of the way and that your home is free from leaks, drafts and heat loss.

What is spray foam?

Spray foam insulation, also known as polyurethane foam insulation, is a superior form of insulation that provides a higher thermal insulating value (also known as R or RSI value) than conventional batt insulation. The application ensures that any gaps are sealed, providing a vapor barrier, moisture barrier, air barrier and even a radon barrier, thus stopping any thermal loss due to drafts or leaks. This makes spray foam up to 50% more energy efficient that other insulation solutions, resulting in cost savings on energy and gas bills.

It is important to understand that a lot of the heat or cold air loss happens due to the air leaks on your walls or roofs, and that the cheaper batt insulation installation is quite susceptible to leaks if the vapor barrier (that layer of poly plastic applied just before the drywall) is not properly installed or if it becomes damaged. Further, unlike batt insulation, spray foam barrie insulation does not shift, sag or become wet or moldy. Rather it adds to the structural integrity of the house, with the added benefit of keeping out pests or vermin.

Spray foam installation
Spray foam Barrie

Benefits of Spray foam Barrie

Spray foam insulation Barrie offers home and business owners a simple and convenient means of energy saving. Spray foam installation can be up to 50% more energetic than other kinds of insulation, supporting your energy bill to remain low during mount seasons. The liquid foam may be sprayed into the tiny hollow and crevice to create a long-lasting sealant. After all, air leakage is the most commonplace purpose your energy bills could spike! Foam installation is also simpler to form or mold into tight corners, and not unlike other sorts of insulation, can maintain its shape and be extra a success insulating oddly shaped or nonconforming regions. In drafty areas like attics and basements, spray foam Barrie offers the most efficient long-term heating and cooling loss prevention while increasing the value and integrity of your structure.

As lumber prices continue to rise, you can minimize costs on your new home build by using spray foam installation instead of batts, achieving the same R value for less money. For example, instead of using 2x6 studs to accommodate R22 batt insulation, you can use 2x4 studs and achieve the same R22 value with spray foam insulation Barrie. Cheap lumber is a thing of the past, and Barrie Insulation on your walls will not only save you money on lumber, but it will also bring those additional benefits.

Are you renovating your house and need insulation removal? Call to us for a free quote without any commitment. We provide insulation removal services in Barrie and region, and we can help you make your house or cottage more energy efficient. Book a quote right now and let our experts visit the site to give you an estimate offer.

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